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I am a self-taught artist and former museum curator living in Maplewood, New Jersey.  In 2016 I dusted off my high school set of Marabu watercolors and began painting as a way to de-stress. Most of my paintings are executed without preliminary drawings. I rarely work out a composition in advance and instead let it develop as I paint. In this way, a painting becomes a puzzle as I figure out the best color and placement of every element I was encouraged early on to make my watercolor artwork for sale, and so I created


In 202o I began adding my fiber art projects to my website under the name Be Brave Textiles by Amy Zorn Art. I have been a fiber artist for decades and have a large collection of yarn, threads, vintage fabrics, buttons, ribbons and embroidered items from which I draw upon to make practical accessories and decorations. Textile art and design is in my blood: my mother and both of my grandmothers all were talented fiber artists.

Please contact me for further pricing information or for custom work. You can also view and purchase some of my paintings and fiber art at

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