Fiber art: Be Brave Textiles

Fiber art projects made from my collection of upholstery fabrics, vintage laces, embroideries & calicos. Each item is one of a kind.

Hand dyed upcycled denim zipper pouch (flat style) made from reclaimed denim fiber and lined with vintage calico from my collection. The pouches measure approximately 8" x 5.5" excluding the tab with key ring. Each denim zipper pouch is unique. Available in black or blue denim. Let me know your color preferences for the lining: reds/blues/oranges/yellows/greens/purples/pinks/neutrals/b&w Or let me choose for you. $25 each. Use the "Contact" tab on this website or my email or phone number in the footer..

Black Denim

Blue Denim

Hand dyed upcycled denim zippered pouch (standing style). The pouches measure approximately 5" high x 8" wide, excluding key ring tab, with a 1.5" bottom so that the pouch stands upright. Each is unique with it's own fun 100% cotton lining print. $25 each.

pStrongman Print

Mermaid Print

This Blows print

William Morris print, waterproof, rescued from a broken umbrella

14Good Times print

Fabric Collages made from vintage embroideries and fabrics from my collection. Presented in wooden embroidery hoops. Hang from a ribbon (included) or directly from the screw on the hoop itself. Approx 9" diameter. $50 each. Please click on thumbnail for a larger image

Eyeglass and Readers cases made from upholstery fabric and vintage trims. Packaged in a handmade cardboard box, stamped and collaged. $10 each. Specify color preference or let me pick one for you. Reader cases are slimmer than glasses cases so let me know your needs. Use the "Contact" tab on this website or the email or phone number in the footer.

Organic Wood Baby Teethers made from organic Maple, hand crocheted from reclaimed cotton yarn. Packaged in a handmade gift box with fabric liner and collaged top. Wooden rig itself measures 3" diameter. $12 each. Please specify Rabbit, Dog or Cat and color -- white, black, brown, rust, pink, purple, yellow or teal. Use the "Contact" tab on this website or the email or phone number found in the footer.

Gift card wallet/holder made from textile scraps and measures approx. 2.5"x 4.25" The wallet has a fold over top that ties closed forming a pocket to insert a standard sized gift card. Each design is unique as the fabrics are one of a kind. Please let me know if you want a particular colorway or let me choose for you. $6 each. Use the "Contact" tab in this website or the email or phone number found in the footer.
Maplewood NJ
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