Beginnings in watercolor

As I prepare for my first exhibition, I thought I would share a few of the first paintings that I made. I had purchased a beautiful Moleskin watercolor notebook before I even started painting! For months I deliberated about what to paint in it, it was so special. Finally I landed on a project: painting some of my prized possessions. Here are some of my favorites.

This is a little vase I bought on vacation in Brattleboro, Vermont while visiting my brother.

Another little vase, this one belonged to my Great Grandmother

This is a goofy little lusterware flower frog from my collection of pottery flower frogs. It's about 3" high.

This little lady is a small pitcher. I saw her while on vacation in Cape May one year but, trying not to accumulate things, I left her behind at the antique store. A year later, I would not make that mistake again!

I love to make paintings like these. They are a great exercise in looking closely and also allow me to spend time with belongings that I cherish.

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