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End of summer watercolors

End of Summer Flowers

bottom two photos are of End of Summer Flowers, 2017 in progress....

As summer winds down, so does the garden. But there are still some stalwart plants that make for beautiful arrangements. My garden suffered a bit from neglect this summer, but the butterfly bushes that seed themselves, the echinacea and black eyed susans are still in bloom. The bronze fennel and native grasses are always welcome additions to a casual bouquet. Most eye-catching, however, are the large and bright red rose hips from the rose bush I planted nearly 20 years ago. It is an heirloom variety I purchased from Monticello and was propagated from one of Jefferson's own plants. Since I live in the "Jefferson" section of my town in Maplewood, New Jersey, it seems particularly suited to be in my garden.

Above, some of the bedraggled plants from my garden in late August.

End of summer bouquet from the garden

The end of summer always seems to be a slightly melancholy time. But once the cooler weather arrives there will be new opportunities and new subjects to paint.

Above, flowers from the garden, late August.

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