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Watercolor Exhibition at Maplewood Memorial Library

The official opening of my watercolor exhibition at the library in Maplewood (51 Baker Street) happened this past weekend on Saturday, September 9. Packing up the paintings wasn't too difficult and they all fit in the car in one load, so that was nice.

Paintings packed up for transport

My family met me at the library and my sister surprised me with this wonderful corsage:

Wrist corsage

There were refreshments, a wonderful swing band, and I gave a brief talk.

Speaking at the library

The show will be open through the end of September. I've included some installation photos here to give you a sense of the space. For better images of the paintings themselves, go to the "gallery" page of my website.

I am very grateful to the library for the opportunity to display my work and also to my friends and family who came out to support me. Thank you very much!

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