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A new exhibition

Just a quick post about a new exhibition titled "Small Works" in which four of my paintings are hanging:

Top row, left to right: Mushrooms, tricoloma (5" x 7") Mushrooms, cortinarius (5" x 7")

Bottom row, left to right: End of Summer Flowers & Rose Hips (12" x 9") Flowers, Protea & Sedum (11 5/8"x9")

The exhibition is in West Orange, NJ at 551 Valley Road, adjacent to the Luna Stage and is sponsored by the West Orange Arts Council. Before the exhibition there was a costume party and silent auction to which I contributed 8 little paintings of fruits and vegetables. They are always fun to paint!

watercolor, bosc pear

Bosc Pear in progress (6" x 4")

watercolor root vegetables

Top row: Strawberries, Peach, D'Anjou Pear, Bosc Pear all 6" x 4"

Bottom row, clockwise from upper left: Turnip, Beet, Carrot, Radishes all 6" x 4"

I am looking forward to making more paintings like this, but right now I am working on a new project to be revealed in November. Stay tuned!

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