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Watercolor and new projects

I have a running list in my head of paintings I want to create, but lately I have been sidetracked by a new project involving paper clay and gold leaf. Ceramics was something I always wanted to try; all the cool kids in high school signed up for pottery classes and it was just too competitive to register. It is something I never was able to pursue. But then I learned about paper clay. As an air drying compound it is not especially beautiful, but pair it with some gold leaf and I think it is gorgeous. It is easy to paint on and so I have created a few special pieces with watercolor decorations. There are more shapes and motifs that I want to combine, so stay tuned! Below are a few examples of my recent work:

I think these would make wonderful holiday gifts (spoiler alert mom and dad!) and so I have been busy making "blanks" since the clay takes several days to dry and then there are several steps involved in the finishing with gold leaf and painting. Not everyone in my family has room to hang a painting, but everyone has room for a trinket dish or new holiday ornament ;)

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