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Paper clay feather tray

Paper clay and gold leaf Feather Tray

I have been invited to participate in an online initiative for residents in my community of Maplewood & South Orange, New Jersey and neighboring towns. The site brings together artists & artisans as well as indie brick and mortar stores. Visitors to the site can search through categories or go to individual vendors to find unique and thoughtful products and experiences. A benefit of shopping on the site is that products are delivered directly to the door of local (and semi-local) residents. Of course, for the rest of you, shipping is always available.

It has been a time consuming process to photograph and list all of my "products" and it has meant that I have not had much time to paint or create. But I learned a lot in the process and I found that every part of it was also a creative experience. Just writing descriptions, setting up photo shoots, resizing and editing photos satisfied my creative spirit. While keeping the site up to date with fresh products and delivering any purchases will be an ongoing task, now that it is up and running I have a little elbow room to return to my studio (aka, my dining room table). Here's a little bit of what I have been up to lately:

Holiday themed gift tags on card stock with gold gouache details

Hand painted paper clay bowls with gold leaf

Hand painted paper clay ornament and gift tag

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