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Pop 'N Shop, South Orange, NJ

Pop Up shop booth

Today (December 7th) is the opening of the Pop 'N Shop in South Orange (noon-8pm). While it has been an annual event for several years, this is the first time that I am participating. It is located on the main drag in South Orange, aka South Orange Avenue, in a former Blockbuster Video store. I was given a spot right in the front and my paintings are visible from the street. It looks a little bit like drunk people hung them, but Mr. Amy Zorn Art and I did our best. The table is covered with paper clay plates, bowls, pen/pencil trays, small framed paintings and a wire basket with smaller, unframed paintings.

There was a very friendly atmosphere while we were all setting up in the unheated space (the heat has since been fixed, I am told). I got some advice and feedback on my display, which was helpful. The other vendors had some beautiful gifts for sale: lots of jewelry, knitted and woven items, soaps, lotions, and potions, and all of it handmade. As part of the agreement to be a part of the pop up, I will be working there for 2 shifts and I am looking forward to perusing the merchandise more closely.

I still have plenty of holiday shopping left to accomplish!

If you are local, here is more info on the Pop 'N Shop:

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