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Trash & Treasures

A big attic is both a blessing and a curse. Obviously, it can quickly become a trash magnet and so every few years I go through it to identify and purge the trash and organize the treasures. Last week I started the process and, going through old elementary school papers I found a few that made me smile:

The color wheel is from second grade. I think it is the only time anyone ever taught me about the color wheel. Unfortunately, I do not remember the lesson:)

I love the comment my teacher, Mrs. Luicci, wrote on my report card:

This illustration of a spinning wheel was part of my 2nd grade report on Colonial Life in America. (I'm certain the drawing is a tracing.) I have always wanted to learn how to spin, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I guess I've been thinking about it since 2nd grade!

Also in the trove of papers I found this boldly colored painting using some of my favorite pinks and greens. Does it foretell my current interest in painting watercolor florals?

There was also this sort of Matisse-like exotic subject, probably copied from an illustration:

Both paintings were made at our house in Lake Peekskill, NY during the summer after 6th grade. And here I've taken on the difficult subject of the lake itself:

What is so interesting to me is that I am still attracted to similar subjects: flowers, special places, decorative patterns and also that I was painting for my own pleasure and entertainment in the summer months. Three summers later, with the help of my brother Larry who became a painter and photographer, I carved and printed this wood block self portrait:

Everything I know about linocut and woodblock printmaking I learned that summer from my brother and it is a practice that I return to periodically.

I guess it's fair to say that my parents did a good job of encouraging us in our artistic pursuits!

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