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New paints!

Normally I paint with Winsor and Newton paints or from my old Koi box of colors. I like the quality and color range and the price is fair. I have tried some Daniel Smith paints and they seem similar to the W&N, and I have been tempted to try other brands like Qor, Jane Davenport, Prima and some of the other, more expensive brands I see at Jerry's and online, but I've never been able to reconcile the cost. Recently, however, I decided to try some of the handmade paints by Case For Making, a shop in San Francisco. I guess I was intrigued because they mix the paints themselves and some of their colors are "limited edition." I am always on the lookout for good greens and I keep trying to find an orangish color that I like. Their recent email showed several colors I thought hit the mark, including an unusual pale cobalt blue, so I took the plunge.

The colors came in about a week and were packaged beautifully, sealed with gold washi tape and included the requite personal note. I haven't had a lot of time to paint lately, but I wanted to try out the colors in the few minutes I had. So I broke out my Moleskin and quickly made this tiny painting of my souvenir GAUDI/Barcelona eraser that I bought this past fall when I was in Spain:

The paints handled very well and I am looking forward to using them in a bigger painting. They also sell metal paint palettes and curated sets of paint, but for now I am happy with the five half pans I have:)

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