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Artists Studio Tour

This year I will be participating in the 15th Annual Artists Studio Tour. It is a free, informal event where artists from Maplewood and South Orange, NJ open their studios to the public. Each artist has a stack of flyers with maps so you can navigate your way around town to the different studios.

You can see from the map that this is a very artistic area!

For more information about the event and the individual artists (65 of them, of course I am #65!) go to

My own home studio is a very fluid situation. Some days I will paint in the dining room because there are large windows overlooking our backyard and it keeps me near the action when people are home watching TV or chatting. Other days I make use of my son's quiet bedroom (he's away at college) on the second floor where the sunlight streams in. The best place to paint is on the porch on a nice day. That is where I am going to set up my "studio" for the tour. Seems like the easiest, most practical solution. Please come by and visit if you are in the area. While the tour lasts all weekend, I will be participating on Saturday only.

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