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Inspired recently by some iconic toys gathering dust in my attic, I created a series of "portraits." Or maybe they are still-lifes. I'm not quite sure, but it doesn't really matter.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony, 2018 Watercolor on paper, 16" x 12" $110

First Phone

My First Phone, 2018 watercolor on paper 15" x 11" $100

I am breaking up with you!

I Am Breaking Up With You! (Tweety pez dispenser), 2018 watercolor on paper 7" x 5" $45


Pre-Internet Troll, 2018 watercolor on paper, 15" x 11" $55

I had some fun with the titles and chose some toys that I thought had a bit of modern-day relevance. I hope you will think so too!

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